Future Links - Learn to Golf -   Blue  

$149.00 - 5 hour class   $279.00 - 12 hour class   $349.00 - 15 hour class
*Prices do not include GST

Target Age: 8-10

Student/Instructor Ratio – 6:1

In this phase we introduce all sport skills, continue with mastery of fundamental movement skills
and introduce even more golf specific skills. This phase also emphasizes the development of
speed and mobility. Parents will also have access to important readings pertaining to children
in sports.

During this level, junior age golfers will be exposed to these age appropriate modules:

*Assigned instructors are subject to change at any time.

BL01 Mar-31 Apr-28 SATURDAYS 10:30-11:30am Bill M. $149.00  
BL02 Apr-01 Apr-29 SUNDAYS 10:30-11:30am Wes H. $149.00 REGISTER
BL03 May-12 Jun-09 SATURDAYS 10:30-11:30am Brian K. $149.00 REGISTER
BL04 May-15 May-29 TUES/THURS 5:00-6:00pm Bill M. $149.00 REGISTER
BL05 Jun-11 Jun-25 MON/WED 4:45-5:45pm Brian K. $149.00 REGISTER
BL06 Jul-02 Jul-06 MON-FRI 9:00-10:00am Alan R. $149.00 REGISTER
BL07 Jul-09 Jul-13 MON-FRI 11:15-12:15pm Brian K.  $149.00 REGISTER
BL08 Jul-09 Jul-13 MON-FRI 1:00-4:00pm Jamie R. $349.00 CANCELLED
BL09 Jul-16 Jul-20 MON-FRI 9:00-12:00pm Jamie R. $349.00 REGISTER
BL10 Jul-16 Jul-20 MON-FRI 11:45-12:45pm Brian K. $149.00 CANCELLED
BL11 Jul-23 Jul-27 MON-FRI 11:15-12:15pm Bill M. $149.00 REGISTER
BL12 Jul-23 Jul-27 MON-FRI 1:00-4:00pm Brian K. $349.00 REGISTER
BL13 Jul-30 Aug-03 MON-FRI 1:00-4:00pm Todd H. $349.00 REGISTER
BL14 Aug-07 Aug-10 TUES-FRI 2:30-3:45pm Brian K. $149.00 REGISTER
BL15 Aug-13 Aug-17 MON-FRI 11:15-12:15pm   $149.00 FULL
BL16 Aug-20 Aug-24 MON-FRI 11:15-12:15pm Brian K. $149.00 CANCELLED


For all Future Links Camps a Reminder
You Must Register the Child's Name Not the Parent's.