FL Orange

TARGET AGE: 6-10 years old

During this stage children continue to develop their ABCs – (Agility, Balance, Co-ordination and speed) with more emphasis placed on speed. This age group begins to experience more detailed instruction on golf skills, using a variety of fun and effective techniques. Our PGA of Canada team aims to create problem solving skills and curiosity with your junior golfer, developing skills that help performance in all areas of sport.

For more information on class content, please refer to the Long Term Player Development FUNDAMENTALS Guide

*Registrations must be made under the childs name, not the parents.*

OR01 Mar-30 Apr-27 SATURDAYS 10:15-11:15am BRIAN $169.00 REGISTER
OR02 May-04 Jun-01 SATURDAYS 11:45-12:45am BILL $169.00 REGISTER
OR03 May-07 May-21 TUES/THURS 5:00-6:00pm BILL $169.00 REGISTER
OR04 May-25 Jun-22 SATURDAYS 10:15-11:15am BRIAN $169.00 REGISTER
OR05 May-26 Jun-23 SUNDAYS 10:00-11:00pm BILL $169.00 REGISTER
OR06 Jun-04 Jun-18 TUES/THURS 5:00-6:00pm BILL $169.00 REGISTER
OR07 Jul-02 Jul-05 TUES-FRI 10:00-12:00pm BILL $259.00 REGISTER
OR08 Jul-02 Jul-05 TUES-FRI 1:00-3:00pm BRIAN $259.00 REGISTER
OR09 Jul-08 Jul-12 MON-FRI 10:00-12:00pm BRIAN $299.00 REGISTER
OR10 Jul-08 Jul-12 MON-FRI 11:00-12:00pm ALAN $169.00 REGISTER
OR11 Jul-15 Jul-19 MON-FRI 10:00-11:00am TODD $169.00 REGISTER
OR12 Jul-22 Jul-26 MON-FRI 11:00-12:00pm BILL $169.00 REGISTER
OR13 Jul-29 Aug-02 MON-FRI 10:30-11:30am BRIAN $169.00 REGISTER
OR14 Jul-29 Aug-02 MON-FRI 12:00-2:00pm BRIAN $299.00 REGISTER
OR15 Aug-06 Aug-09 TUES-FRI 10:00-12:00pm JAMIE $259.00 REGISTER
OR16 Aug-12 Aug-16 MON-FRI 10:00-11:00am TODD $169.00 REGISTER
*Assigned instructors are subject to change at any time. Classes may be combined or cancelled due to enrollment numbers.
Prices do not include GST.