Adult Learn to Golf – Beginner


If you have little or no golf experience and you’re looking for a fun and relaxed environment to start learning and improving the fundamentals for the full swing as well as the short game, then this class is perfect for you!
These sessions are in a group format, so grab a friend or come alone and let our experienced and energetic professionals help you to increase your knowledge, develop your skills and build your confidence and love for all areas of the game.

-  6 hours of learning and training
-  Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
-  Fun and Safe environment
-  Fundamentals for the golf swing, short game (including sand!!) and putting.
-  An introduction to golf equipment and its function
-  An Introduction to basic golf etiquette
-  Walk through a golf hole explaining different parts of the course
-  Golf equipment and training aids included
-  Golf Canada take home Learning Manual

Camp#s that are PINK indicate Ladies ONLY Clinics

Adult Learn to Golf – Full Swing TECH Package


For those who are looking for an in depth group program. Players will have played some golf in the past and will benefit from high speed video and Trackman swing analysis. Our team of PGA of Canada instructors will use the most advanced technology to help you develop a much better understanding of your swing. The 7.5 hour program also includes a detailed look at the short game. If you a serious about taking your game to the next level then this is the program for you.

Your Learn to Golf – “Full Swing Level 2 Tech” Experience includes:

-  7.5 hours total (5 sessions)
-  Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
-  Trackman analysis
-  High speed video analysis
-  Fundamentals for the full golf swing
-  Fundamentals for uneven lies
-  Complete Short Game instruction and analysis
-  Golf equipment and training aids (if necessary)
-  Golf Canada take home learning Manual

Camp#s that are PINK indicate Ladies ONLY Clinics

  Camp#      Start Date      End Date            Days                    Times          2017 Coach       Link
    FS01     Apr-17     May-01      Mon/Wed     7:15-8:45    Todd H Register
    FS02     May-09     May-25      Tues/Thurs     7:15-8:45    Brian K Register
    FS03     May-15     May-31      Mon/Wed     7:15-8:45     Todd H Register
    FS04                           Register
    FS05    Jun-15     Jun-29      Tues/Thurs     6:00-7:30    Jamie R Register
    FS06    Cancelled        Tues/Thurs     6:00-7:30     Alan R. Register
    FS07   Cancelled     Aug-08      Tues/Thurs     6:00-7:30     Alan R Register
    FS08         Aug-09         Aug-23          Mon/Wed               6:00-7:30           Jamie R     Register

Adult Learn to Golf – “The Scoring Zone”


The Scoring Zone Experience is a “short game only” course designed for anyone who is looking to improve their golf score!!  Approximately 60 – 70% of  golf shots during a round are from within 100 yards of the hole. This program provides the perfect opportunity for you to lower your scores by learning how to read greens like a pro, improve your putting, chipping, pitching and sand shot mechanics as well as learn how to add superior shot making decisions and skill.

- 4 hours real environment learining 
- Maximum 6:1 student/instructor ratio
- Education and tips to improve your:

  1. Putting and Green reading skills
  2. Chipping and club selection
  3. Pitching and club selection
  4. Bunker play and club selection
  5. Varied lie and slope training

- Equipment included (if necessary)
- Fun and Safe environment
- Golf Canada “Scoring Zone” take home manual
- Non-Alcoholic Refreshments and Snack Break included at break on one day course

Camp# Start Date End Date  Days         Times       2017 Coach    Link
SZ01 Apr-29 Apr-29 Saturday     10:00-2:30          Wes H Register
SZ02 May-08       May-15     Monday     6:30-8:30          Brian K Register
SZ03 Cancelled    Sunday    10:00-2:30          Brian K Register
SZ04 May-30        Jun-01 Tues/Thur     7:00-9:00          Wes H Register
SZ05 May-27 May-27 Saturday     8:15-12:45          Wes H Register
SZ06 Cancelled    Sunday     10:00-2:30          Brian K Register
SZ07  Cancelled       Tues/Thurs      7:00-9:00          Wes H Register
SZ08    Jun-24       Jun-24         Saturday       8:30-1:00         Wes H      Register
SZ09   Jul-22        Jul-22        Saturday      10:00-2:30    Wes H Register

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