Strive to Compete


   Strive to Compete Year-Round Program

         November 2018- Sept 2019 
Sold Out for Season (2019-2020 taking inquiries now)

A comprehensive coaching program targeting competitive
players who aspire to tournament success and college golf.



Notable Accomplishments of Strive For Excellence Members:
Alberta Provincial Girls champion
Alberta Provincial Juvenile girls champion
Alberta Golf Player of the year
Alberta Men’s Amateur Champion
Top 10 in Canadian Men’s Amateur rankings
Alberta Open Champion
Alberta Boys Bantam Champion
Alberta Jr Masters Champion

Numerous Players have graduated to college golf of all levels! 

This year’s program includes:

11 months of swing coaching and support 
  • semi-private or private coaching options 
  • individual development in a success oriented team atmosphere
  • goal setting and planning session
  • on-course tournament practice rounds
  • Use of Trackman 4 and Boditrak and technologies during coaching sessions
  • tournament and course management strategies
  • on-course practices at Heritage Pointe 
  • eight mental and emotional training sessions Perri Ford from Bell Lap
  • referral of custom club fitting session with T&D Custom Golf
  • unlimited use of Golf Canada Centre from for duration of program
  • free CJGA Junior membership

The Strive program was designed for junior golfers who want to improve their enjoyment and success of the game of golf in a fun and supportive environment. The program format has shown to be a proven path to success for numerous prominent junior golfers.
The program incorporates all aspects of the game from the development of optimal strength and flexibility, swing mechanicals, mental and emotional strategies, course management, tournament support and many other life skills in a variety of situations throughout the season under the guidance of a Class "A" PGA Professional with extensive experience with junior golfers.

The program maximizes the interaction and support from their coach. The season begins with a parent meeting to understand their expectations as well as a goal setting session with the student. By participating in the numerous activities during the season the coach is able to interact and observe the player in a variety of environments and situations, not just the driving range. This allows for timely adjustments throughout the season to tailor the program to the individual and their needs. Adjustments may be made to address weaknesses whether they are physical, mental, emotional or mechanical, or to work with the player to develop strategies for specific situations.

Parent meetings
Parents and coach meet at the beginning of the season to discuss any unique challenges and goals to ensure expected outcomes for the season are understood. Another session is held at the end of the season to review progress made and discuss fall season focus.

Goal Setting Session
Players and coach sit down for an inspirational outlook on the year focusing on setting goals that bring players to where they would like to be at the end of the season and how to accomplish them.

Club Fitting
As junior golfers are changing in height, physical abilities and skill level, clubs may need to be adjusted to accommodate the changes. The session with award winning Robert Penner from Ted & Dave Custom Golf, is held outdoors to analyze full ball flight in conjunction with launch monitor electronic capture data to ensure superior fittings.

Swing Coaching
From November until September students and coach meet weekly to work on swing mechanics. Instruction is customized to the need of the player and the latest in simulator technology, the Trackman 4 and boditrak are incorporated into the sessions in order to achieve the greatest benefit. Note: A choice of private or semi-private sessions may be selected however all students will received weekly private sessions during the months of July and August which can be scheduled to accommodate
tournaments and family vacations.

Tournament Scheduling
Players and Coach will review and select tournament schedules based on individual goals. This is an on-going process with the Player, Coach and Parent. This should be a fun process to encourage players to play in the right amount of events for there passion/ skill level. 

A Round with the Coach
During the summer months players are able to book a round of golf with the coach which provides anopportunity to identify other factors which may be affecting the players final score that may or may not be directly related to the swing mechanics.

Mental and Emotional Training Seminars
Although golf skills are typically measured by physical ability, no golfer can reach their full potential without learning how to deal with their thoughts and emotions. Three seminars are designed to create emotional stability and discover mental strategies to handle key moments in golf and in life and perform your best in any situation. The result will be lower scores, increased confidence and overall enjoyment of the game.

Team Activities
One of the advantages of the Strive program is it allows for individual growth within a success oriented team environment. Players are able to learn, practice, play and compete with like-minded players who have similar goals, many who have already experienced success. Being part of an encouraging and understanding team creates lasting friendships and bonds and contribute to an experience of fun and enjoyment.

Tournament Prep Rounds 

Players will have a chance to go out with other Strive member as well as the coach and play a practice round to map the course and solidify a game plan before the event. The goal of this is to help the player feel more comfortable before a big tournament and to understand the golf course and how to attack it properly. 

Windup Party 
A dinner and activity for parents and kids to enjoy each other’s company and reminisce on the year! This is always a fun time for everyone involved!

Strive Performance Coaching Team

Jamie Reimer BA

Jamie Reimer BA

Class “A” CPGA Professional

Strive for Excellence Coach (2010 - present)
CNC Coaching New Competitor Certified
CDC Coaching Developing Players Trained
2015, 2016, 2018 Alberta Junior Leader of the Year Finalist
TPI Junior Coach Level 2 & 3 Certified
CJGA Alberta Director (2009 - present)
2018 Coach of the Year Finalist
2015-2019 Coach of Junior America’s Cup Team Alberta Junior Boys

Jamie Reimer has worked with thousands of juniors since becoming a member of the PGA of Canada in 2008 and currently coaches numerous local successful competitive juniors. His goal when working with golfers is to understand their motivation and tailor his approach to meet their needs and help them to build their commitment to themselves to constantly improve and really enjoy practicing and playing. He believes focusing on fundamentals and mechanics will provide a solid foundation that cannot be broken and creates not only champions but players who will enjoy the game throughout their life.

Perri Ford, Bell Lap Mental Performance Coaching

BSCI. Exercise Science, M.A. Sport Psychology, CSPA
Perri is a mental performance coach and professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA).

Her experience competing, coaching and training at an elite level has has taught her that mental skills are the keystone of high performance and provided
an understanding of the intricacies of the physiological and psychological components of sport.