Junior Group Lessons

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WHITE CAMPS - Ages 4-6 BLUE CAMPS - Ages 8-10
ORANGE CAMPS - Ages 6-9 BLACK CAMPS - Ages 9-13


Learn to Play is a 4 stage development program for junior golfers, with each stage identified by a colour, that allows you to learn, play and have fun with the game of golf as you make your way through each stage. Online components include a digital progress report and the ability to communicate with your golf instructor.

There are four development stages that your instructor will teach and guide you through based on age and experience.  In each stage, you will learn important golf skills and techniques, as well as leadership, sportsmanship and etiquette. You will also earn a Puma hat and progress report each time you pass a colour stage. The Learn to play program will encourage you to meet a lot of new friends while continuing to enjoy the great game of golf!

The diagram below shows how the Future Links, driven by Acura Learn to Play program aligns with the Long-Term Player Development Guide for Golf.

Once you have completed a Learn to Play stage you will receive a progress report outlining your program accomplishments, followed by an official congratulatory letter from Future Links, driven by Acura. You will also receive an official Puma hat corresponding with the colour stage that you have just completed. Don’t forget to print off your report card to show your family and friends, or just hang on your wall! 

Spring Break Junior Golf Series

Student/Instructor Ratio – 6:1
SB01 Mar-25 Mar-29 MON-FRI 10:00-11:00am   $149.00  
SB02 Apr-02 Apr-06 MON-FRI 10:00-11:00am   $149.00